Conference abstracts

  • Hendry, K.R. (2013) Silicon cycling in the marine realm: from modern processes to ancient oceans. [Invited talk, International Conference on Paleoceanography, Sitges-Barcelona].

  • Hendry, K.R. & Andersen, M.B. (2013) The zinc isotopic composition of siliceous marine sponges: investigating nature’s sediment traps. [Goldschmidt, Florence].

  • Hendry, K.R. & Robinson, L.F. (2012) Silicon isotopes in glassy sponges as a tracer of silicic acid in seawater. [Invited talk, Goldschmidt, MontrĂ©al].
  • Hendry, K.R., Robinson, L.F. & McManus, J.F. (2011) Abrupt changes in the supply of Southern Ocean nutrients to the Atlantic across the last deglaciation, Abstract PP21B-1797, presented at 2011 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, Calif. 5-9 Dec. 
  • Hendry, K.R., Andersen, M.B. & Robinson, L.F. (2011) Zinc and silicon isotope fractionation by deep-sea sponges. Mineralogical Magazine, 75, 1008. [Goldschmidt, Prague].
  • Hendry, K.R. & Robinson, L.F. (2010) Silicon isotopes as a tracer of southern sourced water in the Atlantic. Geochim. Cosmochim. Act., 75 (11), A399. [Invited talk, Goldschmidt, Knoxville].
  • Hendry, K.R., Robinson, L.F., Meredith, M.P., S. Mulitza, C. Chiessi & H. Arz (2010) The role of AAIW nutrients in glacial-interglacial carbon dioxide changes. [Challenger Meeting, Southampton] (highly commended in the early career scientists talk competition.

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